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Month: January 2016

Re: dcopidl2cpp

From: deloptes <deloptes@...>
Date: Wed, 13 Jan 2016 23:13:21 +0100
deloptes wrote:

> Inside the file (this is from old KDE opensync code) there is a lot of
> QTString and similar which needs to be prepended with T.
> So I am wondering where do we find the TQT style of the file, or how one
> is suppose to create it... and in general what is that all about.
> Someone has experience with it? Light in the dark?

This was just out of curiosity about the tool dcopidl2cpp

/opt/trinity/bin/dcopidl2cpp --help
Could not read --help

man dcopidl2cpp
No manual entry for dcopidl2cpp
See 'man 7 undocumented' for help when manual pages are not available.

dpkg -S /opt/trinity/bin/dcopidl2cpp
tdelibs14-trinity-dev: /opt/trinity/bin/dcopidl2cpp

I got 83 lines of test code to read my knotes and the Interface stub from
the opensync project updated to tqt

it seems to work though I see some to utf8 conversion there and I'm not sure
if this is good nowdays.

        TQMap<TDENoteID_t,TQString>::ConstIterator i;
        for (i = fNotes.begin(); i != fNotes.end(); i++) {
                debug() << data.utf8() << "\n";
                debug() << data << "\n";
produces same output

could be a relict from old times. Is it safe to keep it or better remove it?