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Month: January 2016

Re: TDEPIM API questions (Was TDE/KDE3 API docs)

From: deloptes <deloptes@...>
Date: Thu, 21 Jan 2016 00:38:42 +0100
deloptes wrote:

> Hi again,
> perhaps you can help me understand few things
> 1. I want to know how the resources are working (for now I'm focused on
> the calendar) and how I can get all resources. I think same logic applies
> to the address book.

I think I understood this - however documentation was not really helpful

This was of some help, but finally got to look in all the related header
files to get it right

KCal::CalendarResourceManager * mgr = calendar->resourceManager();
        for (KRES::Manager<KCal::ResourceCalendar>::Iterator i = mgr->begin(); 
                i != mgr->end(); i++) {
                debug() << "SUB RES ID  :" << ( *i )->identifier() << "\n";
                debug() << "SUB RES DESC:" << ( *i )->infoText( ) << "\n";

I think however I'll use the "Active" version and give the user the ability
to influence all of that with enable / disable.

Thank for the support and patience (with irony)