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Month: February 2016

Visual facelifting proposals

From: Thomas Maus <thomas.maus@...>
Date: Wed, 24 Feb 2016 20:35:18 +0100
Conversative stance and traditions not withstanding, TDE might profit from some 
visual improvements, IMHO. Nothing fundamental, just some low-hanging fruits.

Perhaps worth considering: The icon sets from "". 
They claim to do only Open-Source work, so this should be feasible -- either 
for direct inclusion, or as a theme source.
The "vibrantly simple" icon set works very well vor me, for example.

Over the years I've collected a lot of Xcursor icon sets for various purposes 
and reasons: 
* color variants of classic sets, better harmonizing with my colorscheme(s)
** Oxygen -- wide spectrum of colors, some slightly textured
** DMZ -- small spectrum of colors
** Komix -- wide color spectrum, somewhat flippant, but excellent in 
combination with e.g. the "Kids" icon set, and quite usable
** Popsicle -- wide color spectrum, quite flippant, but excellent in 
combination with e.g. the "Kids" icon set
* dynamic/pulsating cursors, easier to locate (helpful accessibility feature 
for some people)
** e.g. "flame" rotating pseudo-3D object, but not to fidgety
** "GreenLight"-series, slowly pulsating glow, in the actual color of the 
cursor (not necessarily green ;-)
** "Pulse-Glass"-series, slowly pulsating glow
** "bCircle" and "Tanga" -- very unusual, but interesting design, with very 
strong visual cues maybe helpful in terms of accessibility

I attach a few (static) screenshots of the cursors -- if there is interest for 
some of them, I can dig into the license issues ...

Some of the icon sets have problems, e.g.
* TDE-LoColor -- does this actually has still an use-case? your are not aiming 
at car dashboard display, aren't you? it is very low-res, too.
* iKons -- IMHO nice, but quite incomplete?
* Tango -- only apps icons!?

You might ask "so what?".
Well, they might scare off some users, before they find the more pleasing 

For discussion: What about having a kind of "tag mechanism" for artwork?
We could then tag artwork as "colorful", "dark theme", "light theme", 
"monochromatic", "accesibility optimzed", "nostalgia", "kids", "modern", 
"conversative", "flippant", etc. (multiple tags can be applied to an artwork!).
The user might set preferences in the control-center, which limit the artwork 
actually presented for selection -- this would be innovative, improve the 
harmony of the resulting setup, reduce the clutter in the selection lists and 
would enable a harmonic co-existence of old and new visual styles, without 
need to drop legacy artwork.

Finally, about the TDE/Trinity logos, which are still very KDE-ish:

If that is wanted -- OK.

If more visual distance would be welcomed, have a view at:
Would some simple, color-ramped (to stay clear of well-established meanings) 
Triquetra or Triskelion be of interest? I can draft those on positive 

Best regards,