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Month: February 2016

Re: [trinity-devel] Visual facelifting proposals

From: "Dr. Nikolaus Klepp" <office@...>
Date: Thu, 25 Feb 2016 08:04:36 +0100
Am Mittwoch, 24. Februar 2016 schrieb Thomas Maus:
> Conversative stance and traditions not withstanding, TDE might profit from some 
> visual improvements, IMHO. Nothing fundamental, just some low-hanging fruits.
> Perhaps worth considering: The icon sets from "". 
> They claim to do only Open-Source work, so this should be feasible -- either 
> for direct inclusion, or as a theme source.
> The "vibrantly simple" icon set works very well vor me, for example.
> Over the years I've collected a lot of Xcursor icon sets for various purposes 
> and reasons: 
> * color variants of classic sets, better harmonizing with my colorscheme(s)
> ** Oxygen -- wide spectrum of colors, some slightly textured
> ** DMZ -- small spectrum of colors
> ** Komix -- wide color spectrum, somewhat flippant, but excellent in 
> combination with e.g. the "Kids" icon set, and quite usable
> ** Popsicle -- wide color spectrum, quite flippant, but excellent in 
> combination with e.g. the "Kids" icon set
> * dynamic/pulsating cursors, easier to locate (helpful accessibility feature 
> for some people)
> ** e.g. "flame" rotating pseudo-3D object, but not to fidgety
> ** "GreenLight"-series, slowly pulsating glow, in the actual color of the 
> cursor (not necessarily green ;-)
> ** "Pulse-Glass"-series, slowly pulsating glow
> ** "bCircle" and "Tanga" -- very unusual, but interesting design, with very 
> strong visual cues maybe helpful in terms of accessibility
> I attach a few (static) screenshots of the cursors -- if there is interest for 
> some of them, I can dig into the license issues ...
> Some of the icon sets have problems, e.g.
> * TDE-LoColor -- does this actually has still an use-case? your are not aiming 
> at car dashboard display, aren't you? it is very low-res, too.
> * iKons -- IMHO nice, but quite incomplete?
> * Tango -- only apps icons!?
> You might ask "so what?".
> Well, they might scare off some users, before they find the more pleasing 
> themes.
> For discussion: What about having a kind of "tag mechanism" for artwork?
> We could then tag artwork as "colorful", "dark theme", "light theme", 
> "monochromatic", "accesibility optimzed", "nostalgia", "kids", "modern", 
> "conversative", "flippant", etc. (multiple tags can be applied to an artwork!).
> The user might set preferences in the control-center, which limit the artwork 
> actually presented for selection -- this would be innovative, improve the 
> harmony of the resulting setup, reduce the clutter in the selection lists and 
> would enable a harmonic co-existence of old and new visual styles, without 
> need to drop legacy artwork.
> Finally, about the TDE/Trinity logos, which are still very KDE-ish:
> If that is wanted -- OK.
> If more visual distance would be welcomed, have a view at:
> Would some simple, color-ramped (to stay clear of well-established meanings) 
> Triquetra or Triskelion be of interest? I can draft those on positive 
> feedback.
> Best regards,
> ThoMaus

I'd like it very much.


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