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Month: February 2016

Re: [trinity-devel] Visual facelifting proposals

From: Michele Calgaro <michele.calgaro@...>
Date: Fri, 26 Feb 2016 22:01:38 +0700
> Obviously, yet
> 1. I wrote "unchecked":
> "unchecked" == "unverified" != "unknown" != "unverifiable"
> 2. I stated that all are from public source, probably all Open Source affine.
> Before I check nigh to hundred cursors on licenses I want to know if this work 
> is not in vain, and to limit the work of hunting down the copyright status to 
> those cursor sets actually of interest. 
> 3. even if -- as seems the case for the Oxygen and DMZ variants -- there is no 
> explicit copyright statement in the cursor sets themselves, the original 
> themes -- being distributed with common distros -- must have acceptable FLOSS 
> licenses.
> 3.1 This then automatically applies to derived works.
> 3.2 It is a relatively trivial endeavour for me to take the original GPLed 
> designs, do a little scripting based on ImageMagick for hue-shifting, and 
> generate the spectrum wanted. The added advantage of this approach is, that I 
> can previously repair, fine-tune, and (we can) possibly extend the cursor set 
> (if there are some special cursors missing) once, and then generate a 
> consistent color set.
> The offer to put my work into this stands, the only precondition is that the 
> development team voices which cursor sets are of interest and would be 
> included, quality and copyright status allowing ...
> To that end, the question is to answer, how those willing to have a look, get 
> the cursor sets:
> 1. via private mail
> 2. via this mailing list
> 3. as attachment for an improvement on the bug report site
> And to avoid any problems for the list and site owner I ask if 2. or 3. would 
> be OK despite yet unchecked copyright status. 

Hi Thomas,
sorry for the late reply.
I have created bug report 2600 ( for this point.
Please attached your 12 MB tar.xz archive there (hopefully Tim will not slash me for allowing that :-) ) for the time
being, so we keep track of it and people (if they want) can evaluate the material.
I am in favor of the proposed facelift, but it will take time since as you probably have understood there is only a
bunch of already-busy developers. I suggest that for the time being you do not waste much time chasing or verifying
licenses and wait until the time we will address the update. At that time we will probably ask you to do some dig up.
Most likely it will not be a single massive upgrade but something more like many small updates over time.

Thanks for your contribution to TDE so far, it is already very precious and welcome. Keep it up :-)