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Month: February 2016

Re: [trinity-devel] TDE Powersave -- some clarification needed (not only in my mind -- in the docs too)

From: Thomas Maus <thomas.maus@...>
Date: Fri, 26 Feb 2016 20:53:55 +0100
On Friday 26 February 2016, 22:37 wrote Michele Calgaro:
> ...
> > Where in the source (and how) could I've found that (trying to learn to
> > find my way around myself, at least a little bit ...)
> Thanks to my "Google Ph.D" ( :-) ):


Well, I meant of course TDE sources, because I do not take for granted -- 
occupational habit ;-) -- that the use of identical terms in TDE and the 
kernel gurantees, that TDE actually triggers the corresponding kernel 
functionality. So I always sleep better, when I've seen it in the source.
(Use the Source, Luke! ;-)

> > To avoid a possible misunderstanding by the flurry of bug reports I
> > produce at the moment: I'm just making the "Grand Tour" through TDE,
> > taking note of all rough edges. Please take the flood of critic reports
> > as sign of care and appreciation of the project.
> I assure you that your comments are more than welcomed and taken exactly in
> the way you described. Please continue in your scrupulous TDE dissection,
> that is exactly what we need! 

Glad to hear this. 

> Just keep in mind what I already said and do
> not grow tired if some of the bugs are not look after for months. We do
> what we can.

I've survived nigh on 4 decades as computer scientist and professional not by 
being impatient.

The same will be true for my icon drafts ;-)

> > I will then raise a bug report concerning the documentation (which I could
> > perform in english and german, given some guidance) and an improvement
> > request concerning Suspend2Both ...
> Suspend2Both sounds very interesting. Honestly I did not know about that.
> Slavek, I think we should look at adding this for R14.1.x, I hate failed
> suspend-to-ram sessions.

Cast an eye on 'systemd', 'logind' and especially   '/etc/systemd/logind.conf' 

> Thomas, please fill as many bug reports about issues as you see fit. That is
> the only way to constantly improve! Thanks for your effort.

You're welcome.

> Just wondering, have you recently moved from Suse KDE 3 to Trinity?

That is a little bit more complicated: Not counting touch-screen devices, I 
herd a score of systems -- 4 alone for professional use ...

In the wake of the KDE3->KDE4 transition disaster a few systems stayed on 
recent Evergreen versions still supporting KDE3, while my professional systems 
moved to KDE4 when it became stable and usable again around 4.5.
Recently, with the advent of new machines, end-of-support and staleness of 
some Evergreens, I decided to consolidate the herd on Tumbleweed -- just to 
find myself in the KDE4->KDE5 transition disaster ...

I have always done subliminal Linux promotion in my customer base by sporting 
tools and desktops showing innovative functionality, missing in M$. 

With Plasma5 crashing several times a day, and the only positive I have to say 
about "Plasma5 Breeze" is, that they managed to finally bring the "Leaning 
Toothpick Syndrome" to the desktop, KDE5 is definitely not suited for this 
subliminal Linux promotion anymore ...
And, -- having learned that KDE has not learned from the KDE3->KDE4 fracas -- 
I will definitely not give KDE opportunity to wreak havoc with my working 
environment anymore ...

Having done a Grand Tour through all current Linux desktops, I was devastated: 
Only 2 really useful, flexible, and powerful options remained -- XFCE and 
Trinity TDE. I'm strongly in favor of dual-source concepts, so I will support 
the survival of TDE, and hopefully its rise to an official "distro desktop" ...

What is the state of code sharing or cooperation between Trinity and the (in 
my perception former and stale?) OpenSuSE KDE3.5 efforts? Hopefully no ill