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Month: March 2016

Re: [trinity-devel] TDE new logo proposal??

From: Thomas Maus <thomas.maus@...>
Date: Fri, 04 Mar 2016 02:17:34 +0100
On Thursday 03 March 2016, 12:30 wrote Felix Miata:
> Michele Calgaro composed on 2016-03-03 21:15 (UTC+0900):
> > I think though we should move away from the "gear" concept if we are going
> > to change our logo.
> Change for the sake of change is exactly what TDE is not about. 

Agreed. But what -- positively -- is TDE about?
I would venture, it is about
* ergonomics (usability)
* stability
* functionality
(TDE's trinity -- I can't resist to say ;-)

IMHO, that is the edge of TDE even today (and I just did the Grand Tour 
through all major linux desktops ...)

> I love
> maximum stability, both visually and functionally. With the limited
> resources available to the project, why waste any, and complicate
> maintenance, fixing what ain't broke? I like the gear.

I agree, necessity should drive this discussion.
And I hold, the gear is broken and doing damage to TDE:

KDE3.5.10+ was widely perceived as a pinnacle of 
* ergonomics (in terms of user-configurable usability, i.e. the desktop 
adapting to the needs of the user, not vice versa)
* stability and robustness
* provided richness and tight integration of functionality between various 

To indicate the continuation of this valuable tradition, the "gear" was a 
natural and probably even wise choice.

With KDE repeating the catastrophic transition and fracas (3->4) once again 
with 4->5 (and in 30+ years of X11 experience I have rarely used something 
less stable and ergonomic than Plasma5!) the luster of the gear is massively 

Do we really want to be associated with KDE's recent and future plunders in 
the areas of ergonomics, stability and functionality, when the mission of this 
project is to keep and improve what was achieve and then discarded by KDE?

If you take a look around, e.g. in Wikipedia and some linux forums, you'll 
find, that TDE is mostly perceived as a stale branch, an appendix of KDE.

IMHO, the "gear" obstructs the view to the real and imperishable values of 
TDE, the trinity mentioned above.
It prevents new (young) people from trying TDE, because -- why should they try 
an "old KDE" if the red-hot KDE sucks?

To let TDE's values shine, and to attract a wider user base, user support and 
eventually more distro support (which in turn widens the user base) we need 
some change in terms of icon, wording, promoting the values and edge of TDE.
My 2ยข ...