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Month: March 2016

Re: [trinity-devel] Re: TDE new logo proposal??

From: "E. Liddell" <ejlddll@...>
Date: Fri, 4 Mar 2016 17:30:59 -0500
On Fri, 04 Mar 2016 19:25:10 +0100
Thomas Maus <thomas.maus@...> wrote:

> On Friday 04 March 2016, 02:48 wrote Thomas Maus:
> > ...
> > The next batch will be the triskele designs, I originally imagined, then --
> > with my brain dumped and free again -- the trefoil designs will be worked
> > upon.
> Also, feel free to suggest improvements or ideas, or simply do something 
> better (with or without my designs).
> In order to perhaps quell the occultism charge, this was my line of thought:
> The triskele is positioned to look like a T with very ornate, curly ends. 
> The color triplet RGB was chosen, as it is these colors are base of every 
> desktop, uniting to a diversity of colors, forms and impressions. The various 
> shades and sometimes translucencies serve as (hopefully aesthetic) 
> illustration ...

(This is a general set of remarks on both your batches, examined purely from
a design/branding point of view and not meaning to discourage.)

I'm afraid the RGB colour set, despite its symbolism, was not necessarily a good
choice from a purely mechanical point of view.  Specifically, the blue is of too
dark a value to contrast well with a black triskele, and the green is of too light
a value to contrast well with a white triskele.  This is more visible if you zoom
out--you can see the lines disappear.  The logo will be in use as an icon in
various places, and the smallest static icon size provided by TDE is a 16px square.
(A couple of my own designs need a little work in that regard, too.)  Also, how
will this work in a black-and-white context (Mono icon set, for accessibility)?

The other problem I have, with the second set especially, is that I'm not sure
the shape you're using is distinct enough from the Trisquel Linux logo--yes,
you've reversed the direction and the spiral is more uniform, but will a random
person glancing at it casually *notice* that?

> This batch was my original design target, before becoming side-tracked ...
> Again the proof sheet is intended to be viewed with various backgrounds.
> You will notice, that in the third row one design is missing -- I failed to do 
> this within "inkscape" (if anybody knows how to achieve the glow effect in 
> "inkscape", enlighten me ... ;-)

I think you're looking at playing with the parameters of multiple filters.
"Cutout glow" might be a place to start.  (Inkscape filters are not a good
choice for this particular task, though--they don't render outside of Inkscape,
so they just make it more difficult to produce usable SVG icons.)

E. Liddell