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Month: March 2016

Re: [trinity-devel] TDE new logo proposal? -- Recap

From: Slávek Banko <slavek.banko@...>
Date: Sat, 5 Mar 2016 14:08:17 +0100
I respond to multiple e-mails together, so excuse that the following are a few 

On Saturday 05 of March 2016 06:39:29 Michele Calgaro wrote:
> > <snip for all emails>
> Thomas, E.,
> thanks for all your work so far.
> I will try to summarize where we are with this discussion (if I forgot
> something please feel free to add to it).
> - some users do not want any change
> - it would be good to give TDE a look refresh to move away from the "stale"
> perception and attract new users
> - some consensus for the treefoil knot 
> - some consensus for triskele
> - some consensus and some objection to move away from the "gear" concept
> - new logo should capture the essence of TDE: easy, productive, fluid,
> simple
> I guess we will not be able to please everyone.
> Anyhow if we move ahead, we should plan to have both a TDE-Classic style
> (i.e. current style) and a TDE-modern style (new theme, new logo, new
> icons....), so we can please old users and try to please new ones.
> KPersonalizer will allow the initial choice between the two.
> I think we will have to narrow down on a few logo proposal and then choose
> one from there. Cheers
>   Michele
> PS: Thomas, with reference to the Triskele-Radiant-Drafts-TM-1.svg.png
> file, I like the top right one: "three" spirals, simple, fluid, easy on the
> eye. I also like the colors but I do not mind if we decide for others

Thank you - this is nicely summarized. I would like to emphasize: "easy, 
productive, fluid, simple"

On Saturday 05 of March 2016 12:15:39 Lisi Reisz wrote:
> On Friday 04 March 2016 18:25:10 Thomas Maus wrote:
> > The color triplet RGB was chosen, as it is these colors are base of every
> > desktop, uniting to a diversity of colors, forms and impressions.
> I'm afraid that I particularly dislike this.  It's immediate impression on
> me was that it was too like Windows, and it's secondary impression is
> simply that it hurts my eyes, specially with that glow effect.  If we have
> this one, please can we also have a way to turn it off.  Black and white
> feels very appealing, having just been looking at those!!
> Sorry to be negative, Thomas, because I like your general approach.
> Lisi

I agree here with Lisi. And in relation to the previous summary from Michele, 
I add my opinion: treefoil knot is beautifully simple, while triskele is much 
more complicated. By using a variety of colors in the proposal from ThoMaus 
logo is too garish. And as noted Lisi, colors very similar to the colors of 
the Windows logo. I believe that for Trinity suits more subtle colors.

On Monday 29 of February 2016 23:32:55 E. Liddell wrote:
> For your amusement, then, here are some very early stage concept sketches.
>  (I included a couple of random ones like the "tree-nity" logo from the
> batch I did ~4 years ago and the spiral-T just to give some variety to the
> set.)  I didn't bother with colour/gradient/fancy outline tricks at this
> point because I'm not inclined to put that much work into something we end
> up not moving forward with.
> Basic design criteria included incorporating some idea of "three-ness" (or
> "T-ness" in a couple of cases), and not looking too much like anyone else's
> logo that I know of. Which is why the one that looks most like Trisquel
> Linux's has that triangle added. Logos too similar = potential trademark
> infringement.
> E. Liddell

In your proposals I like connection trefoil knot with gear - figures line 2 
column 3, and line 3 column 3. For figure 3-3: You could try to emphasize the 
trefoil knot before the gear? I would have imagined: that treefoil knot was 
greater in the foreground and gear with similar size in the background? 
With colors as figure 2-3 - light treefoil knot, dark gear.