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Month: March 2016


From: deloptes <deloptes@...>
Date: Tue, 08 Mar 2016 13:52:24 +0100

The context to my questions is the project I started about integrating
syncevolution in TDE.
I finished the basic plugin part and would like to write the platform part,
which seems to use dbus from within the plugin to provide password
read/write in the tdewallet.

1. Question
what would be the best place to start reading about using dbus from within
trinity? What is the preferred library to use for the future - it says
dbus-1-tqt is qt4 bindings backport? 
I guess the dbus-tqt should serve my needs as I'm targeting the TDE wallet,
but still I would appreciate some advise.

2. Question
For Calendar/Todo/Memo and Addressbook we hit some issue in syncevolution
that child sends via dbus the final sync report message to the parent but
the return message does not result in the defined callback and both parent
and child are stuck. Patrick Ohly from Syncevolution is looking into it but
I think asking here is worth in this case.
Are you aware of some side effects in DBus context when used in Trinity?
Are there some recommendations - examples, application code?

thanks in advance