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Month: March 2016

Re: TDE new logo proposal??

From: deloptes <deloptes@...>
Date: Wed, 09 Mar 2016 11:10:18 +0100
Felix Miata wrote:

>> I personally do not care what logo it has.
> Then why so much input from you advocating a change?

1. I do not like the gear - it does not impact my daily life, but I like
what was proposed more than the gear. It is about subjective liking
something or not.

2. I honour other peoples opinion and want to give them a chance (just as
Michele posted in replay to your message)

>> Why don't we vote on it? I have the subjective impression most of the
>> people here liked the triquetra idea.
> Voting is fine, as long as you're able to get the silent and content
> majority unsilenced. A vote here on devel would be anything but fair,
> unless fair means only the vociferous count.

No one said that we should vote here. I suggest to vote here, so that
someone may setup a website for voting and then post a call for voting on
the users list.

I also do not understand why you should oppose to changing the logo in such
way - it's just a logo and some of us believe it will do good.
In fact you did not answer the question I put forward last time.

The logo has changed already - there is a T over the gear now - what would
be different if we replace the gear with a trefoil?
In my opinion nothing, but we would be able to stay neutral from any
association with current KDE. In my opinion this will complete the
transition - name, versioning and logo.

If you do not understand the logic behind I can not help any more.
I try to understand you as well, but it is not that easy. In my opinion a
user of TDE knows what are the benefits and a changed logo would not impact
the perseption, while a new user might be impacted by any association with
KDE and its new philosophy. This is the only argument I accept and would
vote yes.