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Month: March 2016

Re: TQT DBus

From: deloptes <deloptes@...>
Date: Wed, 09 Mar 2016 13:38:46 +0100
Hi Michele,
thanks for the reply.

Michele Calgaro wrote:

> Hi Deloptes,
> sorry for the late reply but I was not on TDE all day and I wanted to
> check something before replying. TDE is basically DCOP based, being born
> as a fork of KDE 3.5. Anyhow dbus-tqt and dbus-1-tqt add support for dbus

I do know that TDE is using DCOP.

> application. To be honest I never delved into it at all, since they were
> already there when I discovered/joined TDE. dbus-tqt provides dbus
> support, dbus-1-tqt provides binding for TQT (whatever that means, I am
> just referring to the package description in Debian) and kdbusnotification
> is a small tray app that displays dbus notifications. In addition to the

I was wondering as it (dbus-1-tqt) says backport of dbus for QT4 or
something similar. I was hoping someone can give a brief summary.

> git URLs you mentioned, you can probably read on line about dbus, such as:

This is clear. I prefer examples as close as possible to the code I'm trying
to write.

I see in the KDE4 platform part they are checking for dbus. Perhaps I ask
there what this is all about. Perhaps I do not need to implement this for

> Regarding question 2, I have no idea. From the description it looks like
> some gets stuck, perhaps some locking problem (I am assuming there is some
> sort of synchronization mechanism in dbus :-) ). Could be in syncevolution
> or in the dbus implementation provided in Trinity. Sorry for not being of
> more help here.

The question is if someone is aware of interference between TDE app and
dbus. I read recently they had a problem with thread management in QT5.

Thanks anyway if someone has more detailed input I would appreciate it.