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Month: March 2016

Re: TQT DBus

From: deloptes <deloptes@...>
Date: Thu, 10 Mar 2016 19:46:12 +0100
Slávek Banko wrote:

> On Tuesday 08 of March 2016 13:52:24 deloptes wrote:
>> Hi
>> The context to my questions is the project I started about integrating
>> syncevolution in TDE.
>> I finished the basic plugin part and would like to write the platform
>> part, which seems to use dbus from within the plugin to provide password
>> read/write in the tdewallet.
>> 1. Question
>> what would be the best place to start reading about using dbus from
>> within trinity? What is the preferred library to use for the future - it
>> says dbus-1-tqt is qt4 bindings backport?
>> I guess the dbus-tqt should serve my needs as I'm targeting the TDE
>> wallet, but still I would appreciate some advise.
>> 2. Question
>> For Calendar/Todo/Memo and Addressbook we hit some issue in syncevolution
>> that child sends via dbus the final sync report message to the parent but
>> the return message does not result in the defined callback and both
>> parent and child are stuck. Patrick Ohly from Syncevolution is looking
>> into it but I think asking here is worth in this case.
>> Are you aware of some side effects in DBus context when used in Trinity?
>> Are there some recommendations - examples, application code?
>> thanks in advance
> dbus-tqt is older TQt implementation of dbus communication. Its
> capabilities are limited (does not support some dbus data types). AFAIK,
> it is used only in kpowersave and HAL communication in tdebase.
> dbus-1-tqt is a newer and more sophisticated TQt implementation of dbus
> communication. It is better integrated with TQt objects - for example dbus
> signals => TQt signals. For new code I certainly suggest to use
> dbus-1-tqt. As an example of the use dbus-1-tqt may well serve
> tdepowersave. Hovewer, I do not know if this example will be sufficient
> for your needs.
> Cheers

Thanks Slavek,
exactly what I wanted to know.

best regards