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Month: March 2016

Having a problem compiling tdepim libs for Gentoo packaging

From: "E. Liddell" <ejlddll@...>
Date: Sat, 12 Mar 2016 16:09:28 -0500
The short version:  some auxiliary build commands are trying to touch
directories the package manager doesn't want them to touch, resulting
in sandbox violation failures of the following format:


FORMAT: F - Function called
FORMAT: S - Access Status
FORMAT: P - Path as passed to function
FORMAT: A - Absolute Path (not canonical)
FORMAT: R - Canonical Path
FORMAT: C - Command Line

F: mkdir
S: deny
P: /root/.trinity
A: /root/.trinity
R: /root/.trinity
C: /usr/trinity/14/bin/tdeconfig_compiler /var/tmp/portage/trinity-base/libkcal-14.0.0/work/tdepim/libkcal/htmlexportsettings.kcfg /var/tmp/portage/trinity-base/libkcal-14.0.0/work/tdepim/libkcal/htmlexportsettings.kcfgc 


I've attacked a full build log for libtdepim which ends in a couple of failures of 
the same type.

The long(er) version:  Gentoo is a source distribution, so Gentoo packages are 
more or less glorified build scripts.  The package manager creates a per-package
sandbox in /var/tmp/portage/ which is used during build and install to keep failures
from spewing files all over the system.

For some reason, both tdeconfig_compiler and maketdewidgets are trying to do 
a mkdir in (probably) ~/.trinity .  They don't, as far as I can tell, put anything in 
the resulting directories.  Regardless, this breaks the sandbox and the build can't 

This is in 14.0.0, but if there's been a commit that has changed any of this since
then, I can't find it.

It's possible that there's an additional CMake variable I need to set, in which
case feel free to hit me over the head with it.  Otherwise, I need some way of
either redirecting those mkdir commands so that they land inside the sandbox,
or keeping them from being issued in the first place.

E. Liddell