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Month: March 2016

Re: [trinity-devel] Re: [Bulk] Re: [trinity-devel] Help porting KDE3 app to trinity

From: russell@... (Russell Brown)
Date: Mon, 21 Mar 2016 15:22:19 +0000 (GMT)
Quoth Michele Calgaro.....

Ta for the debian build hints.  This one "dpkg-buildpackage -us -uc"
worked with the addition of a -b.

>by the way Russell, is there any change between konsole and klt that is worth considering adding to Konsole?

AFAIR (it was some years back that I hacked it together) most of the
changes were to take stuff out (shell access, multiple tabs etc) for a
turnkey system.  About the only addition was a writable status line on
the bottom and 80/132 column flipping with some auto-resizing of the
font if 132 columns at the current font won't fit on the current

Our legacy stuff (some 3,000+ programs so a quick rewrite isn't going to
happen quickly!) was written using ncurses for a VT100 style terminals
(actually Wyse 120s if anyone remembers them).  It doesn't play well
with the screen being resized (difficult to do on a VT100!), is fussy
about fonts etc etc; hence KLT.

However, If someone wants a more kiosked konsole they're welcome to it.

The only 'gotcha' that I know of is that it's hard wired to run
"/usr/local/bin/menu" when it starts but you can call it with "-e
/bin/sh" or hack the code :-)

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