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Month: April 2016

Re: [trinity-devel] Testing TDE on the latest ubuntu

From: Slávek Banko <slavek.banko@...>
Date: Sat, 16 Apr 2016 02:24:02 +0200
On Saturday 16 of April 2016 00:00:10 Diego M. Vadell wrote:
> Hi everybody,
>     I was thinking about helping by testing TDE on the upcoming Ubuntu
> release (16.04). Do you think is useful? Should I test git, the nightly
> snapshot or 14.0.3? Or all of them?
> Cheers,
>  -- Diego.

There are basically four options:

1) Building from sources - git branch master corresponds to nightly-builds, 
git branch r14.0.x corresponds to preliminary-stable-builds.

2) Nightly Builds apt repository == development version for upcoming R14.1.0.
   However, this is not widely available:

3) Preliminary Stable Builds apt repository.
   It contains preliminary packages for the upcoming R14.0.4:

4) Wait a few days for the official build R14.0.3.