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Month: May 2016

Re: Re: Re: Re: testing: tdeabc/vcardparser$ more README.testing

From: deloptes <deloptes@...>
Date: Mon, 09 May 2016 01:35:13 +0200
Michele Calgaro wrote:

> Looks like Slavek has been quicker than me :-)
> Let us know how it goes Emanoil.

Hi, thanks to both of you, patch works and most of the tests in tdeabc work
now as well - actually bigread/write crashes with double link error as
The most exciting part is, however, with the vcardparser.

Based on the nice work by Slavek I produced CMakeLists.txt and compiled the
vcardparser tests. The patch proposed by Fat-Zer works only half the way,
so it looks like there is something else that needs to be fixed (and was
the reason I was suffering the double conversion).
With his patch and explicitly useing utf8 it does the tests properly.
Example in testread2/testutils:
    Addressee addr;

    addr.setName( "Jahn Böhmermann" );
    addr.setOrganization( "HansWürstel AG" );
    Address a( Address::Work );
    a.setStreet( "Müllerstrasse 21" );
does not work, but
    Addressee addr;

    addr.setName( TQString::fromUtf8("Jahn Böhmermann") );
    addr.setOrganization( TQString::fromUtf8("HansWürstel AG") );
    Address a( Address::Work );
    a.setStreet( TQString::fromUtf8("Müllerstrasse 21") );
works in the test code.

I'll be back when I have some meaningful results and finalize the patch with
the test files with utf8 chars next. The latter seems to be doable in
1-2days and I hope you could also have a look at the results and provide
some hints when tests can be easily performed.

2. the tests are not completed and I see a problem with setting the proper
name from "N:Böhmermann;Jahn;" results in
Addressee {
  Name: ''
  FormattedName: 'Jahn Böhmermann'
  FamilyName: 'Böhmermann'
  GivenName: 'Jahn'

which is simply not correct
This also needs investigation as I think from the sync side all worked good
and I have not seen any problem AFAIR.

thanks anyway and have a good week