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Month: May 2016

[SOLVED] Re: Addressbook next encoding issue

From: deloptes <deloptes@...>
Date: Sat, 14 May 2016 00:59:59 +0200
deloptes wrote:

> I think I found it in the resourcefile code ... the thing with the magic
> number 20
> I'll be back when I found out something more and probably fix it.
> I'm just wondering why in the test code TQTextStream was used and in the
> pluginimpl etc TQFile. What is the preference?
> I'm just thinking loud, but hope that someone helps a bit with knowledge
> regards

FYI: Indeed there was more work to do than expected but less than feared. I
managed to put all this right. It took a while to understand the flow and
track the data.
Now it is 99% perfect.

I attached the patch to the bug report bugid=2625.

I also learned a lot about tqt utf8 with your help.

Most important the sync software works great now. I just tested addressbook,
contacts, todos and notes and all of this looks really good.
There are few minor things still to improve in the sync plugins, but I feel
really glad today.