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Month: May 2016

Re: Re: TDEPIM cmake question

From: deloptes <deloptes@...>
Date: Thu, 19 May 2016 07:43:57 +0200
Michele Calgaro wrote:

> On 2016/05/19 06:04 AM, deloptes wrote:
>> Michele Calgaro wrote:
>>> On 2016/05/18 04:46 AM, deloptes wrote:
>>>> Hi,
>>>> can someone help quickly please. I am facing an issue with vCal format
>>>> conversion "quoted printable" and charset: UTF-8.
>>>> I git cloned the tdepim package and following previous instructions I
>>>> updated submodule for cmake.
>>>> I do mkdir testbuild ; cd testbuild; cmake ..; make but nothing
>>>> happens.
>>>> What am I doing wrong? This same procedure worked for tdelibs and some
>>>> other packages.
>>>> I wanted to debug having the know how to add test capabilities - I
>>>> wanted to add testing for libkcal and wanted to compile but in vain.
>>>> Thanks in advance
>>>> PS: the problem is that fromString is not working (fails) for TODO.
>>> Emanoil,
>>> for info what distro are you using?
>>> Cheers
>>>   Michele
>> Using debian TDE 14.0.3
> Ok, in Debian it is easy then.
> 1) clone the required module (tdepim)
> 2) clone the packaging info from the tde-packaging repo for the same
> module 3) copy (or replace) the debian folder from 2) to 1)
> 4.1) if you want a quick-n-dirty way, go to main module folder and use
> fakeroot debian/rules binary" 4.2) alternatively a cleaner way to build
> packages is by using pbuilder or dpkg-buildpackage
> As long as you have all required packages available in your system, tdepim
> should build without problems, unless you are using Debian Strech and some
> libraries have been updated very recently (in such case you occasionally
> run into a FTBFS).
> Cheers
>   Michele

Hi Michele,
you misunderstood. I did not want to build package, but build the tdepim
For this I git clone tdepim and clone the cmake submodule. I try cmake but
nothing happens. I guess the dpkg-buildpackage would also not work, but
thats a guess.