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Month: June 2016

SyncEvolution again trying to finalize the work

From: deloptes <deloptes@...>
Date: Tue, 28 Jun 2016 11:06:05 +0200
after few months of testing, I do not see any issues in the TDE
I want to finalize this work and upload the code in some way. I asked
SyncEvolution about it [1,2] while trying to build 1.5.1 against synthesis.
This required version which is provided in debian sid. Unfortunately I hit
a bug [3] and I think I'll try against syncevolution from git as the patch
for [3] is still to be uploaded for 1.5.1.

What I want to discuss with you based on [1] is if you think it is wise to
provide syncevolution-whatever-trinity package(s), which for the moment I
think is the best and fast (but not optimal) solution. I will call this
short term solution - STS.
I think it would be more complex to push each distro to include support for
tdepim in syncevolution, but in long term it is the best solution. I will
call this long term solution - LTS. However I think there are still few
places to improve in the code (the calendar part mostly) and there are some
issues in the underlaying libkcal or whatever handles the todo's
subject/description when utf-8 and/or quoted content. In fact I dropped
support for cal v1 in the plugins as it looks broken and I did not have
time to deal with it. SyncEvolution does convert internally a v1 cal into
v2 just excellent.

So the plan for the STS would be to modify the vendors build scripts (I know
only debian ... so debian/*) to produce the syncevolution packages with
trinity extention, which will be build with the tdepim/wallet support on
top of the vendors configure options. Those packages should replace the
vendors own packages and thus provide the tdepim support.

The LTS would easy the way that we'll have tdepim/wallet in the mainline,
but perhaps we should still provide packages to overwrite the distros
shipped package.

Based on this what are you thinking?

Thanks in advance