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Month: September 2016

Some toughts about knotes

From: deloptes <deloptes@...>
Date: Sun, 11 Sep 2016 23:16:05 +0200
I would like to have your opinion on knotes. Perhaps someone of you has
background knowledge why some decisions were taken (or not).

While reviewing the syncevolution backend (I will upload it to syncevolution
sometime soon), I started digging deeper into knotes.

I first opened

for the libkcal, and then noticed that knotes uses libkcal Journal
(internally), while externally a knotes interface is exposed.

The question is (I did not look too deep) if there is a way to skip the dcop
interface and access the libkcal functions directly. So far I have seen is
that the header files are not exposed. So how would one access the
ressource assigned to knotes?

I'll upload the code now with the dcop interface for notes and later change,
when I have come to a better conclusion, but there are definitely
advantages in using the libkcal directly and consequently perhaps it is
worth thinking of some sort of unification

For example I have in the source

but only the former is exposed in the include directory:
Actually it is only libkcal in the tdepim1 dev.

The last question is why Journal is not visible as notes and notes are not
visible as journal in kontacts. I can imagine they are based on different
logic, but still I believe it won't hurt if all of that gets unified

Thanks in advance.