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Month: December 2016

Re: [trinity-devel] 32-bit openSUSE with TDE on death bed?

From: François Andriot <francois.andriot@...>
Date: Thu, 8 Dec 2016 20:25:53 +0100
Le 08/12/2016 à 00:20, Felix Miata a écrit :
> In just a few weeks, openSUSE will have no supported 32-bit 
> "Distribution" release. Tumbleweed at that time will become the only 
> supported 32-bit openSUSE version. According to the TDE wiki, there is 
> no build of TDE for openSUSE Tumbleweed.
> While 42.2 was in development, I had several installations working 
> with apparent success using the 42.1 TDE repos. So, with 42.2pre 
> working as it did with 42.1 repos, I decided to give a basic level TDE 
> in a minimal X TW installation a try using the 42.2 repos[1].
> Zypper didn't want to let me. For 42.2, is required by 
> tqt-mt, but in TW, libmng only comes in the .so.2 flavor, so zypper 
> wouldn't let me install TDM without "breaking". I told it to go ahead 
> and break tqt-mt, and it proceeded to install.
> TDM and TDE session seem to work just fine, but I have no idea whether 
> it's because works just fine, or because libmng simply 
> hasn't been called upon, or some other reason.
> I have looked at 
> but it's unclear to me just how the repos listed there might be 
> preferable and/or useful to eliminate the "breakage" I'm experiencing, 
> or how to improve the wiki to incorporate that message's content.
> [1] zypper -v in trinity-icons-oxygen gtk2-engine-oxygen 
> oxygen5-icon-theme \
>     trinity-tdebase trinity-gtk-qt-engine trinity-gtk3-tqt-oxygen 
> trinity-kmix \
>     alsa-tools trinity-arts arts trinity-tdemultimedia-tdeio-plugins \
>     trinity-tdm zypper in trinity-gtk3-tqt-engine gtk2-theme-oxygen \
>     gtk2-metatheme-adwaita gtk3-metatheme-adwaita


if using TumbleWeed, I suggest you use the OBS build.
I've just added TBL to the "stable" repository so that you can get the 
14.0.4 packages.

If using stable distribution, I suggest you use the official packages 
from Trinity website.