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Month: December 2016

Re: Re: [Bulk] [trinity-devel] Re: kbluetooth

From: deloptes <deloptes@...>
Date: Wed, 14 Dec 2016 20:05:39 +0100
Michele Calgaro wrote:

> Hi Emanoil,
> I have no clue either.
> I see two possible ways to proceed:
> 1) have conditional compilation as discussed previously
> 2) have two different version of tdebluetooth, one for bluez5 and one for
> bluez4. Both have advantages and disadvantages.
> As far as I am concerned you have the freedom to choose the way you think
> is better/easier. Cheers
> Michele

Hi Michele,
yes indeed these are the two options.

1) it would make sense if code/system would be maintained in the future.
Given the all changes done KDE -> TDE, Qt -> TQt, dbus, bluez ... it would
be the hell of conditionals in the code

This is why  I tend to go for option 2.
In case of wheezy/bluez4 it would mean to port from KDE -> TDE (with some
minor updates/corrections)
For the rest/bluez5 the code needs to be changed to implement the bluez5

I'm just asking, so that I know how you see it