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Month: December 2016

[Patches] Enhancement of test/check building

From: Fat-Zer <fatzer2@...>
Date: Wed, 21 Dec 2016 02:19:58 +0300
Good day,

A long time ago I (kinda) promised to do something good on the testing
support for tdelibs with cmake. I'm sorry I protracted it so much. But
as it sad it's better late then never, so I want to present a series
of patches to fix/add/restore/enhance/whatever test support in

Long story short: the repository is located here: (branch fix-check)
Note that cmake submodule has a different link due to it required some
modifications too

There were already some workarounds for tdeui and tdeabc, but they had
several problems:
 - checks executables were added to "all" target, so they were build
 - tests were run during build phase (which is confusing and wrong)
 - no test statistics etc

What the patch set features:
 - Add EXCLUDE_FROM_ALL flag for tde_add_library macro
 - New macro tde_add_check_executable
 - add tests from dcop/tdecore/tdeui/tdeio/tdeabc/tdewallet
 - a fix in tdeio against mimemagic (fixes one check application)
 - 40+ automated tests (mostly of base features which won't likely
fail) but anyway IMHO it's nice to have them.

How to use:
To build tests/check run "make check";
To run automated tests run either "make test" or "ctest";
To run specific tests e.g. for tdecore use "ctest -R tdecore" (note
that "tdecore" is just a substring of a test name )
To see verbose output of tests add -V flag "ctest -V -R tdecore".
For more information see cmake documentation about ctest and cmake
add_test macro.

No automated test require nor X session nor a running tde session, but
if run inside a such session they may interact with it.

About tde_add_check_executable cmake macro:
The macro is mostly a tde_add_executable with a redused set of
arguments, but except of adding executable target to the "all" it adds
them to a special custom target "check". As of specific of test
executables (which are mostly one-source-file-based) it doesn't
require the SOURCE section, instead of which it globs the files based
on the target name. Also it has a TEST argument to automatically add a
test out of given file.