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Month: March 2017

Re: TDE documentation

From: deloptes <deloptes@...>
Date: Tue, 28 Mar 2017 23:16:53 +0200
E. Liddell wrote:

> Check the wiki. �I copied what architecture and design documentation I
> could find on the KDE site into there (look under "Developers"). �Most of
> it's for the UI, though, so it may not cover everything you want.

I don't know what you mean exactly. It is good information but not exactly
what I need/expect.

Lets go through a practical problem. Someone mentioned in the user list a
problem with DnD of attachment from kmail to konqueror such that the file
is created 0600 read-only, while save-as results in 0644.

I had some time again after few months of heavy load and was curious if I
could find the place in the code, but how do I find it? It's like looking
in the dark room. The places I found where dnd is done seem to be in the
opposite direction ... but not 100% sure - hence the question.

Documentation is good for what is available, but for me as new to tde/kde3
it is hard to put the puzzle together the first time I get to know part of

It is just an example - I need a guide how to proceed in such cases. The
problem/example is not high priority as I have other things on the todo
list first.