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Month: May 2017

Re: Re: Re: Stretch: systemd default target multi-user is ignored

From: deloptes <deloptes@...>
Date: Fri, 05 May 2017 22:00:01 +0200
Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton wrote:

> ... you get where i'm going with that? ´┐Żbecause apart from the names,
> the scenario is exactly the same: just as you describe, certain people
> have placed themselves into a position of power which they are then
> blatantly abusing.

Thank you for the good lecture. It might sound contradicting to my previous
post, but I completely agree with you. My observation is that in the past
15y the society and free software changed. They are moving in the same
autocratic direction pretending to be liberal and/or free.
15y ago it was easier to choose a lot of things. So indeed our freedom
declines at all levels.

My conclusion is (after doing some research) that it is in fact related to
education, hence the only way to change it is enlightenment. The
contradictory in fact happens. Look at the fundings of the education system
around the world. It all starts in the family, the kindergarden, the
school. It is a virus that is eating up slowly, because it infects the
family, the person and gets passed by.

Look at what happened to the mobile phone market. 15y ago you had perhaps 20
players ... now it is down to 2. 
My old Nokia N9 runs with /sbin/init. The SailFish, I had to order from
India, has systemd. What can I do?
Nokia N9 is a great phone, but it will die physically sooner or later. I
need a replacement. What are my options? I feel limited in my choice
compared to 5y ago etc.

The scary part is that the mass is driving all this, because the mass is
driven by invisible force and the choice had been taken from it already. In
fact it does not care about real choice. It wants to have a feeling that it
is free, not that it is really free. This reminds me of the matrix somehow.

Now the main question is cui bono? that free software or "libre", as you
call it, is being splitting up in fractions, thus not united anymore as it
was time ago. Pseudo code with pseudo quality on top of it. Should I start
doing farming and throw away that BS I have infront of me?