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Month: June 2017

Re: TDE on Devuan

From: deloptes <deloptes@...>
Date: Sun, 18 Jun 2017 21:54:32 +0200
Keith Daniels wrote:

> When you use containers, you no longer
> need to create individual versions or packages of TDE for every Distro.

I was thinking of this few days ago, but in different context.
As PICCORO McKAY Lenz stated a container is waste of resources, however what
you use is your own decision, so perhaps you could setup a build env and
try to produce the packages for devuan or what you think might be useful
and go for it as proof of concept.
I personally use chroot for building packages and vmware to test and I think
it is sufficient. Containers are cool, but I don't see advantage in
maintaining such overhead. I can of course speak only for myself. At the
end I want to have TDE native and not in some kind of virtual env.