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Month: July 2017

kgpg and key dates

From: deloptes <deloptes@...>
Date: Thu, 27 Jul 2017 00:06:34 +0200
I upgraded to stretch and testing 14.1 (DEV)
Unfortunately when trying to send a gpg signed message today I realized that
gpg is not working properly. I started from command line and saw message
gpg2 migration successfull. I also see a file .gpg-v21-migrated

When I start kgpg from command line it shows many line with invalid date.
Gpg however lists all keys with properly displayed date. Kgpg does not
display date or name assigned to key.
I managed to find out that the date in the key is a unix timestamp, but in
kgpg we have TQDate fromString with QT:ISODate, which forces fromString to
split the string instead using it as unix time stamp.

I did following to fix it

        if (ret.gpgkeyexpiration.isEmpty())
        else {
                TQDate date = TQDate::fromString(ret.gpgkeyexpiration,
                if (!date.isValid()) {
                        TQDateTime timestamp;
                        date =;

However I need to look into why the names are not shown properly. Perhaps
we'll get a patch

Can you confirm this?

I created a Bug 2791