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Month: September 2017

Re: [trinity-devel] Port of Breeze window decoration theme for TDE

From: Felix Miata <mrmazda@...>
Date: Mon, 4 Sep 2017 23:07:42 -0400
[Please don't take what I write below as offense. It is not intended as such.]

Alexandre Couture composed on 2017-09-05 01:56 (UTC):

> I made a port of "Plasma 5 Breeze" window border for TDE. It works with the
> IceWM window decoration theme engine. 

I don't see any border in that screenshot. All I see that could be considered a
"border" is a (yucky) green-gray titlebar with undersize low-contrast title
text, and low-contrast stick figure icons.

> To try it, uncompress the attached archive in this folder:

> /home/(your user name)/.trinity/share/apps/twin/icewm-themes/

> Untick the "Use theme title text colors" options, and set your window title
> font to "Noto Sans 10"

I would seriously like to know what attracts people to Plasma Breeze theming.

Plasma 5's dependence on QT5 makes it impossible to select bold text for
titlebar or anywhere else that depends entirely on QT5[1]. I find Breeze, in
general, the least usable and least attractive KDE theme I've seen in over 12
years. IMO it dovetails well with the worst usability the Internet has to offer
(low contrast grays):

Please don't let any of Breeze creep into Trinity's defaults, which very much like.

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