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Month: March 2018

how to prevent a hugs/freebsd fiasco in trinity

From: wofgdkncxojef@...
Date: Sat, 10 Mar 2018 23:35:00 +0100
Hi every one.

I'm sure you all know about the storm
about the new code of conduct in freebsd.
(you need to ask consent in advance before sending virtual hugs.... etc)

This is happening, because their governing structure is a committee.
They are making an experiment in politics, with rules and votes and consensus 

You can easily avoid this, by just having an enlighten dictator.
A bit like Torvalds with linux. In the Linux project, there is no
committee and votes and politics. Linus has the final word.
An open source project is not like in real life, if you think the 
benevolent dictator is a dick, you just tell him and fork.

So, trinity should remain a dictatorship. Even if the project got big.
I'm assuming the dictator is petersons.
And when he leaves, he must appoint a successor.
If that ever turned to shit, people would have to decide to fork then.
(Roman emperor Caligula once, ordered his men to collect seashells)
A common mistake with projects/businesses, is that the founders don't
think through about what happens after they are gone.

hugs :P