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Month: May 2018

proposal for a new strategy

From: wofgdkncxojef@...
Date: Sat, 26 May 2018 00:48:55 +0200
I hope i'll get more responces then usual. -_-
If no one responds, a kitten will die.

I think trinity doesn't has much of a strategy.
Here some ideas

trinity would be split in to two parts

1.trinity proper
This will be a relatively restricted set of important components
of high quality. This will be a bit like other normal DE, like xfce and mate.
For example, it will have the libs, kdesktop, kicker, tdm, konsole, amarok,
kaffeine, dolphin, klipper etc... See restricted, important and high quality.

2. trinity extra apps
Here goes everything else

trinity proper will be given priority in fixing bugs.
Also, all of trinity proper would be properly renamed
and moved out of opt. for example tqt becomes
trinity libs, konsole becomes trinity terminal
or something like that. See proper names, not kdename-trinity.

Then, an attempt would be made, to push trinity proper
to debian. And from there it would move up ubuntu.
Trinity will get more exposure, more users and more bug fixes,
including for trinity extra apps.

For the extra apps, users would use an extra repo like now.
The names can stay "kdename-trinity" or be fully renamed.
And the quality maters less. At some unspecified time in the
future, apps from here will be moved to trinity proper.


an other idea would be, to move the code to github
Not for technical reasons. Many developers are already there.
This will increase the probability that the project will get more
exposure and devs.