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Month: May 2018

help with tqt dbus

From: deloptes <deloptes@...>
Date: Sat, 26 May 2018 02:55:36 +0200
I try someting with tqt dbus - I want to try to talk to BT.
I found this nice application dbusxml2qt3 and I want to thank the author for
the effort, even if have not (yet) succeeded with it.

I have a problem when I try to compile generated code. It says:

error: no matching function for call
to 'TQT_DBusDataMap<TQT_DBusObjectPath>::TQT_DBusDataMap(TQMap<TQT_DBusObjectPath,
TQT_DBusDataMap<TQString> >&)'
         reply << TQT_DBusData::fromObjectPathKeyMap(TQT_DBusDataMap<
TQT_DBusObjectPath >(_objects));


/usr/include/dbus-1-tqt/tqdbusdatamap.h:477:5: note: candidate:
TQT_DBusDataMap<K>::TQT_DBusDataMap(const TQMap<T, TQT_DBusVariant>&) [with
T = TQT_DBusObjectPath]
     TQT_DBusDataMap<T>(const TQMap<T, TQT_DBusVariant>& other)

etc etc.

This is the line where it fails
TQMap< TQT_DBusObjectPath, TQT_DBusDataMap< TQString > > _objects;

and in the header I have 

template <typename K, typename V> class TQMap;
template <typename K> class TQT_DBusDataMap;

Does it mean it is missing in tqt dbus as I think dbusxml2qt3 is working
fine, but could be Variant was added later somewhere in dbus? 

I understand I am missing prototype for 

TQMap< TQT_DBusObjectPath, TQT_DBusDataMap< TQString > >

Who can help me work around this situation?

Thanks in advance