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Month: May 2018

Renaming and split in to official and extra

From: wofgdkncxojef@...
Date: Sat, 26 May 2018 07:30:16 +0200
Ok, everyone listen.

I'm proposing to split the programs, in official trinity
and extra. The list of official packages should be restricted.
They should be of good enough quality and as a whole should
be close to the functionality of DE like MATE and xfce. The devs
should decide upon the list, and then make sure they maintain
their quality. They should be renamed, with proper names, not
kdename-trinity, and pulled out of opt. In extra will be everything
else. The idea is, for the official part to be more appealing to distros.
If trinity get's in to distros, it will have more exposure and get more devs.

an initial proposal of what the official packages could be:

all the base system and libs of course
kdesktop, kicker, tdenetwork manager, tdm, kmix, klipper, control center, 
dolphin, kwrite, kmail, kwallet, kaffeine, konsole, amarok, kalculator, 
gwenview, ark, kpdf other?.

konqueror is not good enough for a default file manager because of
it's outdated web browsing component.

all the above should get proper names, not kdename-trinity
and moved out of opt. Even the libs, should be renamed something
like trinity libs, not tqt. The stuff in extra can stay in opt as it is.
And don't forget, the quality of what will be in the list must stay
good enough, you can't just shove everything. Once the list will
be desided, then it will need to be decided how to rename them.

The whole point of this, is to have something nice, the distros can
accept taking in. They should not see "Konqueror-trinity" that
can't render facebook or youtube. The whole point of getting accepted
by distros, is so that the project gets more exposure and hence more devs.