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Month: May 2018

Re: [trinity-devel] proposal for a new strategy

From: Jimmy Johnson <>
Date: Sat, 26 May 2018 02:04:50 -0700
On 05/25/2018 11:40 PM, Dr. Nikolaus Klepp wrote:
> Am Samstag, 26. Mai 2018 schrieb wofgdkncxojef@...:
>> [...]
>> The core idea, is to offer something that distros will not refuse.
>> If trinity gets in distros, then it gets more exposure and more devs.

> Well, yes, but ... devuan would like TDE, but TDE would have to be build within the devuan duild infrastructure. I thought, well, no big deal, fetch the git repo, push it to devuan build server and we'r done. Not so easy, as it turned out. Keeping the two repos in sync and mantain a seperate patchset for devuan cosmetics is challanging, at least for me.

Nik as you where writing your post there are Devuan people talking about 
including Trinity.  Both could lighten their loads if they could talk 
and work together and I feel Trinity and Devuan where made for each 
other.  Personally I feel we, us Linux users, need a anti-plasma 
kde-desktop and a anti-systemd debian operating system.  We have to hold 
our ground.  Since the death of Ian, the founder of Debian, I feel 
debian is no longer working for Linux Users but for other $ources.

>> It needs a bit of polish, and to put forword the best parts.
>> the whole thing, makes me think of the joke about
>> the UI designed by a bunch kernel developers.
> There should at least be more screenshots in the screenshot section and a way to download themes, styles etc. tcontrol links to "", but there are no TDE/KDE3 compatible themes any more, so a themes-section on the tde main site beside the "screenshots" would be a nice thing to have.

It looked to me that the link is wrong in TDE, I'm not a Dev and have no 
idea where to look, but it seems to me a simple change in the link to 
kde.look would fix the problem.  The kde3 stuff is still there and with 
a working link new stuff can be uploaded and downloaded too.  As for 
themes and customizing a desktop, you can not beat kde3, nothing out 
there can touch it, not plasma, nothing.  Both KDE and Neon are on 
Twitter showing off Plasma, but they have not showed me one thing that I 
can not do with kde3.  Transparent themes, transparent konsole, etc. can 
all be done with kde3, I don't know if Timothy saw this day coming or 
not but he salvaged the real kde, the Award Winning Unix, Groupware 
Compliant desktop, simply the best desktop ever.

Jimmy Johnson

Devuan Jessie - KDE 4.14.2 - AMD A8-7600 - EXT4 at sda5
Registered Linux User #380263