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Month: May 2018

Re: [trinity-devel] Renaming and split in to official and extra

From: Michele Calgaro <michele.calgaro@...>
Date: Sun, 27 May 2018 02:25:55 +0900
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> Hi Alexandre,
> I am sorry that you have this attitude. But I understand - the reactions of users here to your proposals were often
> too personal and unnecessarily inadequate. However, remember that the current splash screen is the result of a
> consensus from your proposal. Likewise, the opening screen in Konqueror, KMail, the look of help pages, and so on.
> Let me say that the impressions of your designs here are written down significantly.
> During your earlier activity, I assumed that your theme will be incorporated as another of the basic themes.
> Unfortunately, you have been discouraged by users feedback and therefore this work is still awaiting to completion.
> Although we have conservative users as well as developers, we are not closed to new proposals.
> Cheers

Hi everyone,
in addition to Slavek's excellent replies, a few extra notes from me.

- From time to time, people come around with new ideas that they would like to see in TDE. I also followed that path
initially and put in a lot of ideas for improvements and for giving TDE more exposure.
But as many of you have realized, most of those ideas never got implemented.
This is not because TDE is closed or against changes, but because of:
1) TDE wants to remain slim and efficient (i.e. don't want to become another KDE4, Gnome3 or whatever...)

2) any change affects lot of people. So if I like a button in a specific place or a particular theme, it doesn't mean
that the other users will like it. Changes should keep this into account and be reasonable and possibly provide an
enable/disable of new featues

3) lack of developers. Yes, I know, that's the main problem :-)
Example: renaming a class seems trivial, but it means renaming, testing all, make sure everything is fine and most of
all (since renaming would go into the next minor release) it means that every new fix made in a minor release would
require extra work when backporting to a maintenance release (because the names are different). So something that
looks trivial is not always trivial.

All these to say that we appreciate all contributions that we get and all the effort that you do, but also to remind
you that we need to keep our feet on the ground since the project is maintained on a voluntary effort and the
workforce is what it is.

Don't get discourage if some (or most) of your changes never get anywhere, we are doing the best that we can :-)