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Month: May 2018

Re: Re: proposal for a new strategy

From: deloptes <deloptes@...>
Date: Sun, 27 May 2018 01:24:30 +0200
Jimmy Johnson wrote:

> It was there, but not implemented yet, only logind in Wheezy.
> Did you follow his death? �Very mysterious, Ian was running around
> saying someone was trying to kill him and then after his death and a
> long, long wait the San Francisco Police say he killed himself!?! �It
> makes no sense to me.

Yes, indeed - it was a bit spooky - we'll never know.

>> I also have the feeling that desktop developers are going the M$ way.
>> I made a compromise and use old init, but systemd is still here. The
>> question is what is doing exactly.
> I'm thinking it was paid for and created by Microsoft Linux Developers,
> known as Neo-Linux Developers and they hate Linux, I know this because I
> was inside Microsoft and inside the Neo-Linux forum, which now seems to
> have been been removed because of the stupid and incriminating things
> that are said in the forum. �Even Pottering admitted on the Debian
> mailing list saying he didn't know everything systemd is capable of
> doing. Between Plasma, Systemd and who knows what else, because this is
> Big Money deep shit, Linux is dead as we know it and is what Microsoft
> has wanted. And Microsoft will have their way unless we have developers
> who can not be bought by shiny new objects or money and they are few
> because people have excuses for doing the wrong thing and will use them,
> saying they did it for the family or some such thing to keep themselves
> going. �When big money gets thrown at free and open source software then
> the users of the software become less than the object the software is
> being created for and the software may become something sinister.
> Microsoft will treat you like a Good ol'boy, a rock star if you join
> them, much the same as you would be treated if you where to join the KKK.

Well might be indeed true - the last 10-15years are mostly a waste - not
only in terms of software. Things changed and not for good - worst is youth
(s.c. millenia) totally devastated. Very sad.
Lets hope it will end or change for good soon.