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Month: May 2018

Re: [trinity-devel] What a trinity leader should have done.

From: Jimmy Johnson <>
Date: Sun, 27 May 2018 15:51:07 -0700
On 05/27/2018 10:37 AM, wofgdkncxojef@... wrote:
> 1. Shut down the user mailing list, and drag you kicking and screaming, to an
> official reedit
> 2. Shut down the git repo, and drag you kicking and screaming to github.
> 3. Impose renaming  as top priority, and a split in several categories. With
> main, of guaranteed minimum quality.
> 4. Bend over backwards, so that trinity is accepted in Debian.
> All this, is just to increase exposire of the project.
> You have to go, where people are.
> This way, you get more users and devs.
> Instead, every one here, only see's the very short term.
> Literally, just the next patch.
> This can not be done, without some one in charge.....

Hello Mr. KDE.ORG, Yes, I may have not met you personally, but I now 
know who you are.  It's scary isn't it how Trinity is gaining 
popularity.  That's not a question.  Trinity and Devuan are changing the 
Eco-system, get over it.  Next we may start our own internet. :P

Jimmy Johnson

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