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Month: June 2018

Re: [trinity-devel] "could not find module 'kde-fonts'"

From: Felix Miata <mrmazda@...>
Date: Sun, 3 Jun 2018 03:52:23 -0400
> Felix Miata wrote:

>> That's the response to:

>> tdecmshell fonts

>> This is far from the first time I've had to ask this, but I can never
>> remember how to locate anything that provided an answer, likely because
>> I've asked on IRC, where I have no archive, instead of here. Other than
>> kinfocenter5, I don't see any package or menu item containing infocenter
>> either. It's not missing from the KControl window. tdecmshell xserver does
>> work.

>> I have another installation, apparently with all the same trinity packages
>> installed, which is running tdecmshell fonts. lsof | grep cmshell shows
>> only:

>> /opt/trinity/bin/tdecmshell /opt/trinity/lib64/

>> These exist on both systems.

>> What package contains the fonts module in 14.0.x? Why does it run on one
>> but not the other?

> in debian, it should be kcontrol-trinity package from tdebase,
> which provides: /opt/trinity/lib/trinity/ 
> /opt/trinity/lib/trinity/

Both here are openSUSE 15.0
Both have trinity-kcontrol-14.0.4-1 installed
Last installation of trinity-kcontrol on both was Monday
Both have /opt/trinity/lib64/trinity/
Both have /opt/trinity/lib64/trinity/

Surely there is some undocumented dependency missing. :-(
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