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Month: April 2020

Re: [trinity-devel] Devuan Beowulf

From: David Hare <davidahare@...>
Date: Sun, 5 Apr 2020 21:20:32 +0100
Thanks Michele.

I'm fine with trinity-sb on my main, installed
beowulf system (marked "Release 14.0.8 [DEVELOPMENT]"). I have also
a ceres install with trinity-testing.

The point here is, I would like release 14.0.7 for my next beowulf
live build (therefore avoiding TDE rolling updates, till 14.0.8 is

I didn't know release 14.0.7 would work properly on Beowulf till I tried it and
found it does. Although the documentation doesn't say that. Also want
to know, does something I missed mean that's a bad idea?


On 05/04/2020, Michele Calgaro via trinity-devel
<trinity-devel@...> wrote:
> Hash: SHA512
> On 2020/04/05 11:59 AM, David Hare wrote:
>> I run Devuan Beowulf+TDE and also build the Exe GNU/Linux live iso's.
>> Devuan Beowulf beta stable is now released
>> with apparently only bug fix and security updates to come.
>> TDE installation documentation says to use trinity-sb for Beowulf.
>> Beowulf+TDE actually installs and runs fine here
>> using the main r14.0.x buster repo.  is there a reason why we should still
>> use trinity-sb for Beowulf or should
>> that documentation be now updated?
>> Cheers and thanks for keeping TDE going..
>> David
> Hi David,
> 1) trinity-sb _is_ the latest r14.0.x code (not the latest stable r14.0.x
> release == r14.0.7 but the current status of
> r14.0.x with all the fixes done since the last stable releast)
> 2) for beowulf you can use both PSB (r14.0.x) or PTB (r14.1.0-dev). The
> point is that beowulf is not stable yet, so
> there aren't official TDE packages for it. But you can use the equivalent
> debian packages as explained in the wiki
> page. Whether you use PSB or PTB is up to you, depending on what version you
> want.
> HTH.
> Cheers
>   Michele
> iQIzBAEBCgAdFiEEjhl1z5vbYB3YbFTiKnW3yore1c8FAl6JZeoACgkQKnW3yore
> 1c8w5xAAtjX8M9y+FDxYcBsoM91SHY3AnCSQA4XYA0qPnYh+EJ1Lr+U8JhGu87Jt
> sAB3HxEAMQjWsHW3UM+H1CJijgJqYS4udL/b47CXmvNvFdskYhPcEvcDEY5AowEb
> tJTuUJo1jOpUwdYE299R53LWZnoAfCw3XqBbP5xSp9Iw+AY9gAW8j+one6S0KHn0
> xGsSt0EMWEpwcG3+QV6ds/aHNq1q21SrWPzQUFdzjahy/53HT8ocNdaX5hmmxm/m
> wk2MwNYB4CxMLhm33KWIFyOnoDNxDT6rh1PqjvgUyFevsK9Jm+7DlP77C9joQe2w
> eTzYCI8CvQAxx5HhAneLcgTUo+iQFgSTkG+n/PkS1VmUzTF9u3pPQImouC7Iucsd
> dwDyrChM1qDyX+smnHnexPRBtKg+/v6iAJjwvftSPbAmT1EPu3BcYuL1a86vDEJn
> 4YXlKwOfIwp6vASeqxneYzhcrpShKKxQLrtW9HO6AGV7iLUHUIAFSC8JL8PI/Zex
> eegl2e7X1JVrRPBzX2u6HSEN3yS5fwazLIMdAZ/CpuxSgXQpJhOoUZccjDmSHecd
> xCJRqWlHxO7YVHHcI+qqk/WTgsjcdBAEcCRSrjepvqN4C1AeIxM/csGJ0tOoinFb
> 7tM6bxHOZomgAFCgC08d8ZlZueOSxc205JugVqbIHPuCZd2kTsU=
> =t8Zf
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