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Month: April 2020

Re: FBTS tdelibs /usr/bin/ld: ../ file not recognized: file truncated

From: deloptes <deloptes@...>
Date: Mon, 13 Apr 2020 14:23:57 +0200
Michele Calgaro via trinity-devel wrote:

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> On 2020/04/13 08:50 PM, deloptes wrote:
>> Hi, I have again a problem building now tdelibs (see below). If you
>> consider it as FTBFS problem, I can open issue in TGW.
>> thank you and regards
> Hi Emanoil,
> is it a one off fault or reproducible one? because occasionally tdelibs
> FTBFS for unknown reasons and it does not seem reproducible.....
> Also make use tde-packaging is up to date just in case.
> Cheers
>   Michele

I know it was failing before. I recently replaced the slower disks I used
for building and now it fails whenever I try building debian packages.
Building in example directly in                 

I think it is now reproducible one.
And yes I updated everything from master and I double checked all. I fixed
the issues I had previously some time ago.

My process looks like this:

1. remove all trinity packages
2. remove everything from build directory
3. run a build script which builds and installs what is necessary package by
package according dependencies. 

Inspiration is from the build scripts you shared. It is bullet proof and did
not change in the past. It worked recently even on rpi4. This is why now I
am surprised that it fails

This is really strange. May be it is time to find out what is going on, but
I have no idea where to start with :/

The best thing is that the new disks are 3-5x faster

If you have ideas it will be great.