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Month: April 2020

Re: Re: FBTS tdelibs /usr/bin/ld: ../ file not recognized: file truncated

From: deloptes <deloptes@...>
Date: Mon, 13 Apr 2020 19:49:44 +0200
Michele Calgaro via trinity-devel wrote:

> Hi Emanoil,
> I took a look at your log. In recent weeks there have been some changes on
> the info and meta file we add in elf files to support reproducible builds.
> If you have not updated your build files, I suspect this could be the
> reason of your FTBFS. I have partially updated by build files *locally*
> but since it is still a WIP I have not yet updated the changes to the
> packaging repo. I will try to do that tomorrow if I can, otherwise during
> this week. Cheers
> Michele

Thank you Michele, I am not in hurry - just wanted to work on the
tdebase/konqueror issue, but it did not build, so I was thinking with all
the updates recently I will update to latest master (state yesterday),
purged all and hit this in tdelibs.

I will wait for few more days.