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Month: September 2010

Building kdebase with svn 1173648 (Success, but ---)

From: Darrell Anderson <humanreadable@...>
Date: Thu, 9 Sep 2010 18:48:09 -0700 (PDT)
> it again with revision 1173648 or above.

FTBFS. Log attached. But wait --- I got the package to build!

I tried following your directions about fixing the problem. I could not find a solution as you described. I don't pretend to understand classes, but am reading on the web to try to grasp the concept.

Please correct me where I went wrong trying to use your search method. The build failed with the following error:

kdmpixmap.cpp: In constructor 'KdmPixmap::KdmPixmap(KdmItem*, const QDomNode&, const char*)':
kdmpixmap.cpp:70: error: 'QFile' has not been declared

I opened kdmpixmap.cpp and selected line 70:

KSimpleConfig *config = new KSimpleConfig( TQFile::decodeName( _backgroundCfg ) );

I then searched the entire local trinity svn source tree:

grep -r 'TQFile::TQFile' ./

The search found nothing.

I again searched the entire local trinity svn source tree:

grep -r 'QFile::QFile' ./


Thus, I'm unsure exactly what I should have searched.

On a whim, I opened tqfile.h and saw another include define for qfile.h. That kind of made sense with respect to the build error regarding QFile.

So I added #include <tqfile.h> to kdmpixmap.cpp and rebuilt.


So kdmpixmap.cpp needs to be patched with #include <tqfile.h>.

I'm happy the package finally built. Yet perhaps you could provide me a concrete example by copying and pasting your search commands for this particular failure. Thanks. :)

Okay, kdebindings is next!