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Month: September 2010

Re: [trinity-devel] Building kdepim

From: "Timothy Pearson" <kb9vqf@...>
Date: Sun, 12 Sep 2010 16:04:25 -0500
>> It is possible and I will probably do so.  Trouble is
>> I am not sure
>> exactly how to do that with Automake, so it may take some
>> time to
>> implement.
> Good to hear. Thanks!

The new feature should be present in SVN revision 1174561 or higher.  It
will detect when libcarddav or libcaldav are not present and automatically
deactivate the affected resource(s).

>> I take it Slackware builds kdepim with the majority of the
>> kresources
>> folder disabled?  Most of the resources in there are
>> for enterprise use as
>> well; just curious if  the problem is merely the
>> external dependency or if
>> it is directly related to the added functionality.
> I'm not following what you mean by that. There is nothing in the configure
> settings like that. OTOH, I haven't looked at kdepim configure --help to
> notice whether any of those related settings need to be explicitly enabled
> and hence, in Slackware are disabled by default.
> Would you provide more details what you are seeking?
> Generally speaking, Slackware is not built to accompany all types of
> users. There have been times through the years when I had to add configure
> options to a package and rebuild. Further, Slackware tends to stay
> primarily focused on geeks, oops, technical users, and servers. At times
> with his development perspective, I think Patrick Volkerding was pulled
> into the 21st century kicking and screaming. The guy knows his stuff but
> his focus is very much old school. His philosohphy is that he is providing
> a base operating system that end-users build upon and he does not provide
> a full-featured system or even try. That actually is what attracts many
> people to Slackware.

I think you answered my question.

> With that said, regarding the lib*dav* stuff, I'm speaking only from my
> own perspective. I just have no use for social networking, semantic
> desktops, online apps, etc. In that respect, I tend to be old school too.

I agree 100% there.  My earlier comment was based on this: The
caldav/carddav libraries add the same type of functionality as was already
present in kdepim resources such as Kolab and GroupDAV, which are always
built (there is no way to shut them off; this has been so since their
creation many, many KDE3 releases ago)  The only difference is that those
resources don't rely on an external dependency.  So, I gather that the
reason you want to deactivate carddav/caldav support is due to the
external dependency required; not because the added functionality is

This also brings up another question: Do you want the ability to
individually deactivate each resource present in the kresources folder? 
Since I figured out how to do this type of operation it won't be as