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Month: September 2011

Re: [trinity-devel] Network Manager-0.9 compatibility patch

From: Ilya Chernykh <anixxsus@...>
Date: Mon, 19 Sep 2011 17:36:34 +0400
On Monday 19 September 2011 11:10:42 Timothy Pearson wrote:

> That being said, I do not believe this patch is complete.  Yes, it
> compiles, but there is code that directly references
> "org.freedesktop.NetworkManagerUserSettings".  According to the NM 0.9
> porting guide att
> the NetworkManagerUserSettings service has been completely removed from NM
> 0.9.

I may be wrong but seems that NetworkManagerUserSettings belongs to knetworkmanager,
not to the NM backend. 

That said it actually needs a port to D-Bus because the distributions will not allow an extra service not 
endorsed by Freedesktop, but when installed from a separate repository this may work.