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Month: September 2010

Re: [trinity-devel] Building kdepim

From: Darrell Anderson <humanreadable@...>
Date: Sun, 12 Sep 2010 18:31:19 -0700 (PDT)
> Great idea!  Shouldn't be too difficult either; two
> separate repositories
> built from the same source, but with different configure
> options, should
> do the trick.
> >
> > I hope I haven't overstayed my welcome!
> >
> Not at all!  The Trinity project should be learning
> from KDE4's mistakes,
> not repeating them. ;-)
> In fact, when I go into kdepim to fix your build failure, I
> will add flags
> to disable each resource independently.  Then I'll
> leave it up to you to
> disable any resources that Slackware users won't be
> interested in.

Mostly I'm a disgruntled user. I don't like GTK, I don't like KDE4, I don't like window managers, preferring robust desktops. I feel betrayed by the KDE developers. An argument can be made those people owe me nothing, but a counter argument is valid too. To be part of a community requires  reciprocating relationships.

A significant point about whether to enable or disable various features. Documentation. I like the idea very much. Especially if I can create packages pared to work better on older hardware. However, we need documentation. Well, I need documentation --- I need some kind of basic punch list of those options for each package before I can write anything.

We can place those build options on the wiki. I likely would add lots of commentation in my build scripts too.

Yes, I can run configure --help before every build, but I'm not a developer with years of experience in that area. I do not know what to look for or necessarily recognize what I read. I can write, but I need guidance as to what needles I am looking for and in what haystacks.

Regarding building kdepim.

Successfully built.

I have no explanation. I installed libcaldav but not libcardav because we don't know know yet why that package does not compile. With libcaldav installed the kdepim package compiled for the first time.

Yet as my previous message stated, without libcaldav the build fails.

Of course, to be considered bug-free with respect to compiling, we need to be able to compile with or without the lib*dav packages.

If you support enabling/disabling various options, then compiling needs to test those variations.

I still have made no headway with the other three packages: kdebindings, koffice, and kdemultimedia. Of course, all of them require significant time to compile. Each FTB is discouraging because of the time required.

I can look into putting my HTPC into part-time use when not recording or viewing (another dual core machine). If only we can get all the basic packages to compile!