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Month: September 2011

Re: [trinity-devel] Gentoo / tqt / qt4

From: Mario Fetka <mario.fetka@...>
Date: Tue, 27 Sep 2011 11:26:43 +0200
2011/9/27 Fat-Zer <fatzer2@...>:
> 2011/9/27 Mario Fetka <mario.fetka@...>
>> year my goal is also live for the moment
>> but with eapi=4
> As far as i do nearly everything  thought  cmake-utils eclass i don't really
> feel difference between EAPI 3&4
>> i am going to modify the kde4 eclasses to fit trinity
>>  they have really nice functions to hande dependencies even circular
>> depnedencies
>> by the way i have alredy made x11-libs/qt-mt-3.3.8c ebuilds with
>> libiodbc support (so no dev-db/qt-unixODBC)
>  you mean with that small patch for tqt support? it's not usable for svn
> version...

nope a patch extracted from the kubuntu qt3 package
>> but on the todo for the qt3 ebuilds is to change the install location
>> to /usr and name the qt3 incarnations of the programms ..-qt3 (cmake
>> findQT3.cmake also checks for these)
> I'm not sure it's possible to avoid all conflicts...

kubuntu is installing eveything into usr.. so i have to look into the
patches and mods that are done my kubuntu qt3 package and transver
these to the gentoo ebuild.

>> so no QTDIR hackery.
>> qt3 has been droped from portage so no need to stay compatible to the
>> old design.
>> it would be greate if trinity can be installed allong kde4 without
>> conflict s/kwin/twin/g
>> so everything to /usr
> i don't think it's a good idea... this name goes into tones of
> scripts/documentation/source files/etc...
>> but thats another story.
jep a big job