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Month: September 2011

Porting KDE Trinity to Qt 4 using clang

From: Philip Ashmore <contact@...>
Date: Wed, 28 Sep 2011 03:52:10 +0100
Hi there.

I'm taking a serious interest in porting Qt 4 to JavaScript using clang

I know it sounds crazy, but you can write a clang plug-in that can visit 
the entire source code AST (abstract syntax tree) and output any 
information you need, including changing how Qt calls are made, and 
rewrapping those Q_OBJECT, Q_PROPERTY etc entries.

It seems entirely possible to migrate most KDE 3.5 to use the QT 4 api 
automatically with relatively few hand-written parts - apart from the 
plug-in, that is!

Any thoughts?

Philip Ashmore

P.S. I could have waited until I had completed the port to JavaScript 
before posting this, but that's going to take a while, and will involve 
a lot more hand-written parts - mostly stubbing out what html5 can't