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Month: November 2011

Re: [trinity-devel] on releases :)

From: "Aaron J. Seigo" <aseigo@...>
Date: Thu, 03 Nov 2011 10:07:44 +0100
hi again :)

i'll just reply to this one email instead of each emai in the thread, though 
all the replies were, i though, well thought out and interesting. i just don't 
want to add more distracting noise than absolutely necessary to the devel list 
here :)

so ...

On Thursday, November 3, 2011 08:38:08 Julius Schwartzenberg wrote:
> I have talked with multiple people in person and I had seen multiple
> articles and comments online which stated things like "I used to use
> KDE, but after I tried KDE 4 I switched to Gnome...". The submission I
> wrote was mainly meant to reach out to those people.

yes, i figured as much. on the good news side, many who made that switch have 
come back to using the Plasma Desktop, esp in the last year as Plasma has 
matured while GNOME and Ubuntu go through their own growing pains. others have 
come to use Trinity because it fits them best. many who never used KDE 
software in the past are doing so now. 

so i think we're all achieving that goal of both growing our reach and appeal 
while also retaining our loyal user base from current and past years. that 
effort is absolutely worthwhile.
> This is the first time there was a lot of PR around Trinity. Previously
> the new releases had been more silent and because the Trinity project
> has a lack of manpower, it seemed like a good idea to make the new
> release some headline news.

sounds like a good plan ..

> I'm not a PR person, my wording was not the best. I am happy to receive
> feedback about this such as what Timothy already wrote in his reply. My
> apologies again, especially towards you as a KDE developer, whose work
> we're enjoying so much.

no problem; while a bit regrettable, it's nearly impossible to get things 
perfect on the first try. more important is how we learn and improve things 
for the future :)
> > when i read this in the announcement to the mailing list:
> > 
> > "Why upgrade from KDE3.5.10, the latest release available from KDE e.V.?
> > Simply put, Trinity is faster, more secure, and far more feature rich than
> > 3.5.10 ever was!" (
> > 
> > i feel sad because Trinity should really not be trying to stand out as a
> > _competitor_ to 3.5.10 but as the continuation of that code base. (btw,
> In neither case the intention was to present Trinity as competition. If
> this was interpreted as such, I hope that we can find ways to prevent
> this in the future. 

i might have written it more along the lines of:

"Trinity 3.5.10 is an exciting upgrade for users of KDE 3.5: it is faster, 
more secure and more feature rich than any previous KDE 3 release. Trinity 
allows you to run KDE 3.5 software on modern Linux systems and take advantage 
of all the strides forward in areas such as network and hardware 
management that have been made in recent years. Trinity also <fill in 1-2 more 

(could be made a lot better, that's just off the top of my head before i've 
had my morning coffee ;)

the idea is to talk more about the benefits of Trinity itself rather than 
speak in competition language. instead of reminding people that there was a 
change in maintainership, the reader is focused on benefits they will get and 
reminded that Trinity is a continuation of a great software product (KDE 3.x)

it's a small thing, perhaps, but it really shapes how people communicate and 
behave. :)

> I'm not sure what would be the best way to prevent this issue in the
> future. As said, what happened was more due to manpower and abilities
> than due to intention.

that's almost always the case, and why i decided to reach out directly to 
those who are involved with Trinity and putting their own blood, sweat and 
tears into it (and subscribe to Yet Another Mailing List to do so ;). rather 
than grumble in my little cave or write some blog entry or what-not, if figure 
it's better to see what's up and work on improving things.

> To me it appeared that KDE e.V. was relatively distant towards the
> Trinity project other than providing a Subversion branch.

there's a mix of reasons for that:

* some don't care too much as they are very focussed on the 4.x code

* some are wary about people who focus on 3.x because of the amount of 
negative feedback that was leveled at them from "ardent supporters" of KDE 

* some were/are unsure what it means and how well it can work to give "our 
baby" (KDE 3) over to another team of people (Trinity) to maintain and 

given than Trinity is working out pretty well, these attitudes can and will 
soften. it's part of the process.

imho, the main thing we need to do is to stop giving people excuses to focus 
on KDE 4.x code when Trinity makes a release. the article on (which 
was not written by any of you, i know! :) was particularly sad as Trinity 
became an excuse for the author to repeat misinformation about KWin 4. nobody 
wins there as Trinity doesn't get to keep the spotlight and misinformation 
sucks, no matter who it's about. 

resolving this issue will allow us to build much strong bridges between the 
Trinity project and the rest of the KDE community.

> Maybe doing
> such announcements through the KDE site or using the expertise from your
> side in another way would help closing the gap that seems to exist.
> The least that could be done maybe is asking you or other people from
> KDE to read things like release notes or news items before they are
> published. Do you have any suggestions in this area?

i'd be happy to assist in your next announcements. here's what i can 
personally offer: as long as you give me enough lead time (1-2 weeks is 
usually enough) i would be happy to go over your release announcement material 
and offer feedback (which you can ignore or accept, i give freely without 
expectations there) as well as work on a story based on that for 
that will get accepted for publication.

i'm also on (nick: aseigo) most days and read my email like a 
proper addict ;) so feel free to fire questions, queries, thoughts, etc. my 

happy hacking,

Aaron J. Seigo
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