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Month: November 2011

Re: [trinity-devel] Building Trinity with QT4/KDE4 Installed

From: Darrell Anderson <humanreadable@...>
Date: Sat, 5 Nov 2011 09:24:12 -0700 (PDT)
> > Please send me a copy of your build scripts. I had to
> delete the KDE4
> > and QT4 packages before I started having success
> building 3.5.13. I
> > must be missing something.
> I already sent the complete tarball of my scripts to the
> list; I'm
> sending them again, including the kdeetc3 Slackware package
> I use to
> have suitable profile scripts, and which is derived from
> kde-3.5.10-for-slackware-13.0.

My apologies for missing your previous post.

> As additional information:
> -the qt3-png14.diff is no more useful with current
> qt3-3.3.8d and the
> line of the script which uses it *must* be removed (because
> the patch
> won't apply anymore). I didn't update the script in the
> tarball.

I am aware the libpng14 patch no longer is required for qt3 3.3.8.d. I discovered that when I first started builing qt3. :)

> -I just built kdelibs/kdebase/kdepim on a mostly clean
> Slackware 13.1
> installation (with downgraded graphics drivers). I had some
> minor issues
> related to my using the Slackware64 kernel (because of the
> 6G of RAM),
> but otherwise it should work fine (and the issues were
> generally
> solved by setting ARCH=i486/i686). I did reproduce:
> -neither your issues about qglobal.h (but I kept the patch
> I sent before
> to try solve this problem applied to my copy of the SVN
> repo; this patch
> is attached)
> -nor my own issue about broken Slackware 13.37 libical
> I should add I still have a modified SVN local copy of
> dbus-tqt: the
> patch is attached.
> -the build script is the generic script I use to build
> *all* cmake
> packages I built; the usage is
> # ./build /path/to/package/source package-name
> > 
> > I also can't get kdebindings, pyqt3 and pykde3 to
> build.
> I didn't try to build them.

I can built the core packages fine I am able to build many of the base packages. So far I can't build kdebindings, pyqt3, pykde3, knetwork, kdevelop, kdewebdev, and kdesdk.

I modified my tqtinterface build script to create the qglobal.h sym link. This seems like a kludge and the link should get fixed in SVN.

Last night I built libical and kdepim. Also libcaldav and libcarddav. The latter never built on 12.2.

I have not performed any kind of installation or usability testing yet. I won't do that until I resolve all build issues.