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Month: November 2011

some redhat rpm spec file bugs

From: Arnaldo Russo <arnaldo-gmane@...>
Date: Sun, 06 Nov 2011 03:29:15 +0100
since the binary rpms for redhat aren't available yet I'm trying to build the
3.5.13 rpms myself from source using the source tarballs from:
And the spec files and patches from:

I have found a couple of problems with the spec file (just starting with qt3),
should I report bugs/corrections of spec files here on the dev ML or also in

In the meantime here is a couple of bugs I found in the qt.spec file:

First bug:
error: File /home/packager/rpm/SOURCES/qt3-3.3.8d.tar.gz: No such file or
spec file looks for: qt3-3.3.8d.tar.gz
tarball is really called: qt3-3.3.8.d.tar.gz
(notice the extra dot after the '8')

Second bug:
+ cd dependencies/qt3
/home/packager/rpm/tmp/rpm-tmp.HwIJZc: line 38: cd: dependencies/qt3: No such
file or directory
error: Bad exit status from /home/packager/rpm/tmp/rpm-tmp.HwIJZc (%prep)
spec file contains:
%setup -q -n dependencies/qt3
this should really be:
%setup -q -n qt3